Pair of Solar Garden/Patio Lamps

Price per piece: $9
Pieces per case: 6

SKU: 11674_BG

Color: Blue-and-Green
Price per case:
Sale price$54.00


* Pretty bird garden figurines perched atop bronze-tone metal cages
* Overall dimensions of cage w/bird approximately 3"W x 3"L x 7" H
* Total height including pole = 28" above ground, 3" spikes below ground
* Includes two complete lamps ~ one with a red bird, one with a yellow bird
* Beautiful painted metal artwork featuring color contrasting flowers & leaves
* Solid metal 2-pc. poles with double spiked ground stakes for solid & secure support
* No wires ~ uses solar-powered rechargeable battery (included/installed & replaceable)
* Solar panel adjustable to manually maximize receivable sunshine as the sun moves across the sky
* Light sensitive operation ~ LEDs inside cages turn on automatically in dark or low-light situations
* Place in the garden or around patio area for soft, relaxing accent lighting at night
* Lamps can be turned on or off with slide switches on the bottoms of solar panels
* Brand new item with original box, secure packaging, and papers

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