Magna Capz - 72 Pc. Kids Jewelry Set

Price per piece: $3
Pieces per case: 30

SKU: 11289

Price per case:
Sale price$90.00


  • ✔ RINGS: 72 pieces display box of costume jewelry ring sets that are sold as a 2-piece set consisting of a ring base and a magnetic bottle cap topper (36 sets total).
  • ✔ ARTWORK: The top of the ring is a flat metal disc with artwork painted on it, and serves as a base for the magnetic bottle cap topper which also has artwork painted inside of it under a thick layer of clear polyresin.
  • ✔ FAUX GEMSTONE: Each bottle cap also features a faux gemstone embedded in it (some have two!).
  • ✔ CAPS AND RINGS: Caps and rings are interchangeable with one another so a buyer is free to select any ring and bottle cap available in the display to create their own unique combination.
  • ✔ SIZE: Rings measure 11/16" in diameter, and approximately 2.25" in circumference, and have a split that allows for expansion to fit larger-sized fingers.

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