Magic Wand Levitation Stick with Flying Toy Shapes

Price per piece: $2.5
Pieces per case: 36

SKU: 10119

Price per case:
Sale price$90.00


  • Wandarama Wands, 24 Tinsel Toys, Sticker Sheets, and a Fun Tips Guide.
  • USE THE WAND: Use the wand to make tinsel shapes float, hover, and dance in mid-air without them touching magic.
  • HOW DOES WANDARAMA WORK? : Each wand contains a miniature Van DeGraaff generator that produces static electricity, the same thing that makes your hair stand on end or shocks you when you shuffle your feet across carpet and then touch something metallic.
  • BATTERIES: Each wand requires two "AA" alkaline batteries (not included).
  • SIZE: Wands are 19" long when assembled (no tools needed).

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