Flexible Plastic Sports Water Bottle

Price per piece: $2
Pieces per case: 45

SKU: 12029_BL

Color: Blue
Price per case:
Sale price$90.00


Item Specifics:
- Model: Sport Bottle
- MPN: MG300
- Capacity: 36 fluid ounces
- Size: 10"H x 3"
- Features: Hands-Free Drink Spout, fluid level indicator

- Flexible plastic beverage bottle for sports and outdoor adventure activity.
- Overall dimensions 10"H x 3" diameter.
- Large capacity, holds up to 36 fluid ounces.
- See-through fluid level indicator strip alongside bottle.
- Single hand operation, simply squeeze bottle to release liquid.
- Shoots a solid stream of water, can use to extinguish a small fires in an emergency.

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