Christmas Charm Pendants

Price per piece: $1.50
Pieces per case: 24

SKU: 11766-2910

Color: Green
Price per case:
Sale price$36.00


BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED: Beautifully crafted glass cross pendant for pocket, purse, or necklace.
LEATHER STRING: Sturdy leather string for hanging as an ornament or on a neck chain.
FEATURES: Cross features a pattern of random swirls of black, red, white, and brown.
POCKET SIZE: Carry in purse or pocket for spiritual comfort and personal reassurances.
HANDCRAFTED: Individually hand-crafted for uniqueness, no two are identical.
WONDERFUL GIFT: Makes a wonderful gift for any religious or spiritual event.
SIZE : Overall measurements approximately 3"H x 2.25"W x .25"D.
PACKING: Packaged in a gorgeous 2-piece ivory gift box with satin pillow and foil stamped lettering.

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