Cat III Autorunning Digital Multimeter with Temperature Probe

Price per piece: $20
Pieces per case: 10

SKU: 11919-57072

Price per case:
Sale price$200.00


  • DESIGN: Designed to international safety standard IEC61010-1 CAT III 600V.
  • TEMPERATURE: 0°F to 1800°F (-20°C to 1000°C) ±3.0%.
  • RESISTANCE: 200 / 2k/ 20k / 200k/2M/20M ±1.2%.
  • POWER: Power: 1.5V (AAA) x 3 (starter batteries included).
  • BATTERY TEST: 1.5V (test current approx 60mA), 3V (test current approx 30mA), and 9V(test current approx 12mA).

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