Bottle Opener Magnet Pen with Lanyard

Price per piece: $1.50
Pieces per case: 90

SKU: 10391_Red

Color: Red
Price per case:
Sale price$135.00


Item Details:
Type: Bottle Opener (Handheld)
Mechanism: Twist -action
Refill: Plastic cross refill
Ink Color: Black
Material: Plastic & Metal
Point Size: 0.7/1.0mm
Product Size: 5 1/2"L x 1 1/2"W

Twist-off caps are nice, but not always the best solution for opening a crown-capped bottle, especially if you suffer from arthritis or have tender skin on your hands. And if you are hosting a party, tending bar, or in another situation where there are lots of bottles to be opened, a good opener is essential. This handy opener is the perfect gadget for those occasions. It has a strong magnet that will let you stick it to the fridge, beer cooler, or another metal surface where it always is easily accessible. If you need to move around and take the opener with you, it has a detachable nylon lanyard so you can keep it comfortably around your neck and it'll be handy whenever and wherever you need it. And it also features a twist-out ballpoint pen which can be very convenient if you need to take orders, jot down notes, or perform other writing tasks. Measures 5 1/2"L x 1 1/2"W. Red with black ink, green with black ink, and white with blue ink.

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