Blasting Brick Speaker

Price per piece: $10
Pieces per case: 36

SKU: 12367-ME3179-BLUE

Color: Blue
Price per case:
Sale price$360.00


- Wireless mobile phone amplification device for amazing sound quality.
- Super easy to use, no pairing or cable connection is needed.
- Simply lay the device on top to amplify the phone's output.
- Can also be used as a wire-connected speaker via USB input.
- Powerful lithium-ion battery provides 10 hours of play on a single charge.
- Charges via USB from any available power source (cable included).
- Soft silicone case keeps the phone in place while in use.
- Case is removable for easy cleaning.
- Includes instruction pamphlet for additional usage information.
- Measures 5"W x 3"D x 1.25"H.

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