Assorted Puff Planet Charm Keychain

Price per piece: $0.50
Pieces per case: 1000

SKU: 11308_Assorted

Price per case:
Sale price$500.00


  • MADE FROM: Made with faux leather material, every Puff Planet "Puffling" is well stitched around the edges and made to last.
  • HANG ON BACKPACK: Hang it on a backpack, strap it to your belt loop, wear it in your hair, clip it to a hat, or stick it in your pocket.
  • TO CARRY: However you decide to carry it, this squeezable little creature wants to be your pal for life.
  • BALL-CHAIN KEYRING: It has a ball-chain key ring and a thin 2 1/2" lanyard with a lobster claw closure so you have a choice of ways to attach it to whatever you plan to wear it on.
  • SIZE: Measures approximately 3" tall and 3" wide.
  • All Charm's name: Lanky, Bobo, Ogah, Geranium, Smitten Kitten, Tootsie, Sniffles, Glider, Hunny Bunny, Bugoggles, Heartape, Buster Blue, Nutley, Robber Rabbit, Buster Black, Mamboo, Aqua Eep, Berry Bear, Peewee, Blushee, Mr. Q, Oinkels, Blinky, Bunhehe, Mystic Moley, Oodle, Poisy, Spinner, Boogie, Squiggle.

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