Wine Pourer With Stainless Steel Chilling Rod and Aerator

Price per piece: $3
Pieces per case: 30

SKU: 11441

Price per case:
Sale price$90.00


  • UNMATCHED FUNCTIONALITY & ELEGANT DESIGN: Keeps your bottle of wine chilled to the perfect temperature. A soft rubber stopper creates a drip-free seal when pouring, and the aerator maximizes flavor. The sleek presentation of this wine chiller will be a hit at your next gathering.
  • NO MORE MESSY, WET BOTTLES: This wine chiller stick is ready to go after just 30 minutes in the freezer and will keep wine chilled without diluting it or getting the bottle wet. Just screw the plastic pourer into the chiller stick, insert it into any standard-size bottle of wine, and voila. Keep the ice buckets in the closet.
  • NO MORE DRIPS AND SPILLS: Don't waste a drop of your favorite whites and reds! You can use the wine pourer with or without the iceless wine chiller rod attached.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: The wine chiller stick, stopper, aerator, and pourer are made using the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and unparalleled functionality.
  • SIZE: Overall measurements are 12.6 long x 1-inch diameter.

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