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Ratcheting Pruning Shears

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Special Liquidation Deal
  Ratcheting Pruning Shears
$2.50 one lot of 500.

- Most hand pruners are far too challenging for those with compromised hand strength to operate.
- This set of pruning shears, however, is ideal for those who suffer from debilitating hand mobility
  problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or weakened hand muscles.
- The ratcheting mechanism makes it easy on the hands, and the non-slip hand grip absorbs
  pressure and helps the tough cuts become much easier to make.
- The ambidextrous handle design also allows for comfortable left-handed or right-handed use,
  and the hardened steel blade slides through wood without tearing.
- Lightweight aluminum construction won't rust.
- These pruners have a ratcheting mechanism that takes care of as much as 80% of the workload.
- To use them, all you need to do is to place the jaws of the anvil blade around the object
  that you're wanting to cut, just like you would with any ordinary pruner.
- Grip the handles firmly, squeeze ever so gently until you hear a locking sound, and then relax
  and repeat. In just a few easy squeezes, you'll have a nice clean cut.
- No more struggling to cut tough branches of wood, and getting nowhere.
- Features an easy-release safety lock for storage.
- Overall length of the tool is 8” (blade length = 2”), and the handle opening measures 4” x 1”.

  To place an order please email : tom@closeoutservices.com

Pouch Pet Monkey

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Stuffed Animal Guardian Angel Bear

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Rubber Bands

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Mini Tire Clock

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Plastic Money Clips

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Compact Disc Clean Tool

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CD/DVD Slitter Keychain

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Memo Clips

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Small House Shaped Family Photo Frame- Pewter- Car Visor Clip On

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