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Detachable Card Holder

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Special Liquidation Deal
  Business Card Holder with Lanyard
$0.35 each.

- Keeps your business cards neat, secure and completely accessible.
- Sturdy aluminum construction for lasting durability.
- Holds a single card up to approximately 15 cards.
- Cards slide in and out with ease, remain secure while stationary.
- Excellent to use at trade shows, festivals, conventions, etc.
- Designed for functionality with a professional appearance.
- Features lanyard to carry card dispenser around.
- Lanyard disconnects easily to carry card dispenser in pocket.
- Size: Measures a compact 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.25".

  To place an order please email : tom@closeoutservices.com

Portfolio Organizer Document Holder

Special Liquidation Deal   Fun Stripped Portfolio with Pad and Disc Storage $1.50 one lot of 2100 - This portfolio organizer has several features that make it a handy accessory to take along to   meetings, classes, appointments, and anywhere else where files need to be transported and   notes need to be taken. - It has a five-pocket file [...]

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Ratcheting Pruning Shears

Special Liquidation Deal   Ratcheting Pruning Shears $2.50 one lot of 500. - Most hand pruners are far too challenging for those with compromised hand strength to operate. - This set of pruning shears, however, is ideal for those who suffer from debilitating hand mobility   problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or weakened hand muscles. - The ratcheting mechanism [...]

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Pouch Pet Monkey

Special Liquidation Deal   Pouch Pet Monkey $1.00 each. - Pouch Pet Monkeys are soft, cuddly plush toys that are as handy as they are cute. - Fur is black with beige accent markings and his hat is a dark royal blue. - Made from all new materials consisting of polyester fiber and polypropylene plastic pellets. - Comes with velcro style of [...]

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Stuffed Animal Guardian Angel Bear

Special Liquidation Deal   Stuffed Animal Guardian Angel Bear $1.00 each. - This charming little plush panda is named “Abby, The Heavenly Host”, and she's carrying a very    important message written on a heart-shaped pillow. - It has the phrase “God Cares About You!” embroidered across the front of it, reminding us that   we are never truly alone, [...]

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Rubber Bands

Special Liquidation Deal   Rubber Bands 200/Box $1.00 per box min 500 boxes. - 200 count box of large, heavy-duty rubber bands, made in the USA. - Size 117-B, relaxed measurements 7"L x 1/8"W, stretches up to about 16" x 10". - Made by Alliance, the creator of the original rubber band. - Stronger than the average rubber band. - Softer stretch [...]

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Mini Tire Clock

Special Liquidation Deal   Mini Tire Clock $0.35 Each. - Mini Tire Novelty Desk Clock that bobbles and wobbles atop a shiny metal spring   attached to another tire that serves as a base. - It has analog hands with alpha-numeric markings on the clock face, and features a second   hand that operates with quartz movements. - It's a basic [...]

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Plastic Money Clips

Special Liquidation Deal   Plastic Money Clips $0.08 Each. 12,000 Pieces. - Made with sturdy, rugged plastic, they are designed to protect your cards & currencies   for years to come. - Carrying cash is risky, and carrying large bills in a wallet or purse is just asking   for trouble. - You can keep smaller bills in the wallet for [...]

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Compact Disc Clean Tool

Special Liquidation Deal   Compact Disc Clean Tool $0.08 Each. 3000 Pieces. - Thick, padded felt surface cleans without scratching delicate disc surface. - Extends disc life by removing dirt, oily fingerprints, and grime. - Helps restore CDs, DVDs, video games and compact disc movies. - Color : Black, Red, White. - Compact pocket size, measures 2.5"L x 1.25"W x 0.5"H.   To place an [...]

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CD/DVD Slitter Keychain

Special Liquidation Deal   CD/DVD Package Slitter Fob On Swivel Key Ring $0.08 Each. 5000 Pieces. - Takes the hassle out of opening cellophane wrapped disc cases. - Excellent tool for opening music CDs, DVDs, software discs, video games, etc. - Easy to use, opens cellophane wrapper with single swipe. - Cutter blade remains hidden until activated by use. - Mounted on a [...]

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