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LED Lantern

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  Special Liquidation Deal

 LED Lantern

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   $4.00 500 Units = $2,000

  • KIWI Shine brings all the benefits LED flashlights can offer in one product.
  • It is so powerful with 19 LED bulbs at different levels of light intensity.
  • With Shine, there is no way to run out of light.
  • It can be simply charged by cranking or from any USB port; including laptops, USB wall chargers
    or portable chargers such as KIWI U-Powered.
  • Once charged it holds to its power for at least 6 months.
  • KIWI Shine is uniquely designed to offer an essential device for every household or car.
  • Shine comes with a holder, hanger and a powerful magnet.
  • You can benefit from the advantage of freeing both hands while not sacrificing light quality.

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