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Kiwi Solar Lamp

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   Kiwi Solar Lamp

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$6.00   100 Units =   $600

$5.00   500 Units =$2,500

$4.00 1000 Units =$4,000

Kiwi Solar Lamp is one of the greenest portable lighting sources on the market. It comes with no
cables or wires to charge it from. Kiwi Solar Lamp does not require battery replacements.

Kiwi Solar Lamp is charged from the sun, offering 12 hours of light after one day of charging.
It is waterproof, durable, and reliable with an intelligent energy saving system.

Operating Instructions: Kiwi Solar Lamp can be easily mounted on the exterior wall. The device will be
then charged from the sun light. It saves power and runs for over 12 hours at night.

Technical Specs:

  • Unit Dimensions: 132 x 92 x 77mm
  • Solar Panel: 0.55 Watt
  • Battery: Li-Ion 3.7 V 800 mAh
  • LED: 16 Bulbs, 1 Watt
  • Light Sensor: Turns on automatically at night and saves energy in daytime
  • Sound Sensor: Turn to high level lighting (for 1 minute) when sound is detected
  • Solar Panel Dimension: 85 x 65mm

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