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Espresso Tamper

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Special Liquidation Deal
  The Original Gourmet Espresso Tamper with Swarovski
Crystals & Concave Surfaces

One lot of 1700 for $2.00 each

Made from a durable anodized space-age alloy. Heat resistant and dishwasher safe.
Fits all name brand espresso baskets. Dual 50/55mm concave surfaces.
Reduces the extraction of bitter oils. Individually crafted in the USA.

- Billed as “the new shape of brewing rich espresso”, this tamper is the only
  espresso tamper to be awarded a United States patent.
- Individually crafted, this award-winning, contemporary design is a “must” for
  connoisseurs of fine cafe espresso technique.
- Each unique dual concave face, accented with a genuine Swarovski Austrian crystal,
  creates a perfect crown that prevents grounds from “riding up” the insides of the filter
  basket. This reduces bitter oils and improve the extraction of rich coffee flavor.
  The result is true ambrosia with an exceptional bouquet and robust crema.
- This tamper is a clear choice for any serious and sophisticated home Barista.
- The tamper has two sides, one 50mm, and the other being slightly larger @ 55mm,
  and is designed to fit all name brand espresso portafilter baskets.
- Made from an anodized space-age alloy, it is heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

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